Due to unprecedented demand and very high order volumes from a flurry of wonderful recent press there is currently a delay on processing orders/replenishing stock. We will be in touch directly to keep you posted.

Please accept our apologies for this and we will make it up to you with a Complimentary Gift. Thank you in advance for your patience!


No Nasties Skincare - Body Wash, Shampoo and Creams - Natural and Organic

CWTCH Skincare products are free from parabens, preservatives and every other nasty you could imagine. We’ve banished all the main offenders to the naughty step for a permanent 'time out'…

Alcohol – Ammonia – BPA – Benzophenone Benzoyl Peroxide – BHA/BHT – Chlorine –

Dioxin – DMDM hydantoin – Ethylated surfactants Ethanolamines – Formaldehyde – Hydroquinone –

Glycols –Mercury & Mercury Compounds – Mineral Oils – MIT/MI – PABA – Parabens – Paraffin – Parfum – PEG –Petrolatum – Phenols – Phenooxyethanol – Pthalates – Retinol – Retinyl –

Palmitate – Sodium Hydroxide – Sodium Laureth Sulfate – Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) – Talc – TEA – Triclosan – Urea – 1,4-dioxane … and more!

Cwtch is committed to preservative free, paraben free, SLS free body wash, shampoo and creams; crafted to provide natural organic baby goodness.